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Screaming fans on the street – fabulous. But in the bathroom?

The cast members of Disney’s megahit High School Musical are opening up about their most awkward fan encounters.
“I was at an In-N-Out … and I was actually going to the bathroom and [people] put their napkins underneath the stall!” Ashley Tisdale said Sunday at a press conference for [High School Musical 3]. “That was the weirdest place someone’s ever asked me for my autograph.”
Pal Vanessa Hudgens had the same experience, adding that she “finished my business first” before signing.
In fact, it appears that all of the HSM stars have been stalked in the stalls.
For Monique Coleman, it happened at “the showers at Hong Kong Disneyland, that was really strange …. It was in the bathroom, in the spa, and this little kid ran around the corner.”
But what happens when a tween girl can’t go in the men’s room to chase HSM heartthrobs Zac Efron and Corbin Bleu? She sends in her dad, of course.
“I think being asked for an autograph while you’re at the urinal is definitely one of the oddest experiences,” Bleu said.
Added Efron, “[The fathers] are like, ‘Look, man. We’ve been finished eating for an hour and a half and my daughter won’t let me leave!’ ”

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Vanessa Hudgens Boyfriend

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Vanessa Hudgens Boyfriend
Vanessa Hudgens was spotted last week with a replacement for her "High School Musical" boyfriend/co-star Zac Efron.

So who's her new dude?
Gaelan Alexander Connell, the lead singer in Exist, a D.C.-based rock group. And he's also her co-star in a new film, "Will," and above is a scene from the movie, now shooting in New York.
He plays Will, the high school outcast. She plays Sam, the popular girl.
Their shared love of music results in them assembling a rock group that tries to win their school's upcoming battle of the bands competition.

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Vanessa Hudgens is 20 years old she lives in los angeles, she also bought her own house and car.
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